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Recycled Ribbons and Wooden Snowflakes set

Recycled Ribbons and Wooden Snowflakes set

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Ribbons are such a beautiful way to enhance a gift. Since most ribbons are made from plastic, FabRap set about sourcing some recycled satin ribbons so our customers can enjoy these beautiful embellishments guilt free!

The ribbons we have here are double sided satin and all just gorgeous to add to any gift. We've pre-sealed them for you so you don't have to worry about any fraying on the edges, and it also means they are completely reusable.

We've also found some beautiful wooden snowflakes and name tags that are reusable year on year and add a special touch to all your gift giving needs.

Each pack comes with:

3 x 1.2 metre lengths of double sided satin recycled ribbon (gold, champagne and red)

2 x large wooden snowflakes (various styles)

3 x small wooden snowflakes (various styles)

2 x wooden name tag gift cards

Happy FabRapping!

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