How to use your FabRap Furoshiki Fabric Gift Wrap

Now that you have purchased the presents for your loved ones, it’s time for the fun part: gift wrapping! Our extensive range of luxury reusable fabric wrapping styles seal the deal on making your parcels the most covetable under the tree. Whether you're wrapping for the traditionalist, modern minimalist or, the all-out maximalist, we’ve got you covered making sure your package is personalised to perfection. FabRap believes in cherishing the art, tradition and emotion of gift-giving. We just prefer to do it without wasting our Earth's precious resources. ⁣ You can either give a FabRap as part of your gift, or you can ask for it back to reuse again for another gifting occasion. To make this easier, we include a ‘give-back’ or ‘keep’ card that you can include with your gift to instruct your recipient on what you had intended - and keep the guess work out of the process altogether. A simple rule of thumb to use is to choose a size with a diagonal length 3 times the longest length of the object you will be wrapping. Our size guide has a comprehensive list of what sizes you can use for every type of gift. Wrap any shape with ease and never feel guilty about wasting paper again. Here are a few simple videos to illustrate how simple it is to use our FabRap gift wrap. Happy FabRapping!

FabRap Furoshiki Fabric Wrapping Size Guide

Wrapping a simple Photo Frame

Teal Medium size FabRap used to wrap a photo frame 22 x 17 cm

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Wrapping a standard wine bottle

Art Deco & Ocean Double Sided FabRap Large Size used to wrap a standard size wine bottle

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Wrapping a few small toys

Fabric gift wrapping perfect for eco consicous parents and baby gifts. Make A Wish size Medium used to wrap three small baby toys approximately 10 x 7 cm in size.

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Wrapping a large vase

Wrapping a vase with fabric. Jade & Midnight Reindeer Double Sided Large Size FabRap used here to wrap a vase of size 17 cm wide and 22 cm high.

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Wrapping a stuffed toy

Medium size Ocean FabRap wrapping a soft toy sized 25cm high and approximately 15 cm wide

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Wrapping a small book

Large size Make A Wish single sided FabRap wrapping a book 14 x 19 cm

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Wrapping a box

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Bamboo Furoshiki bag

FabRap Furoshiki Bamboo Bag

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Wrapping a rectangular box

Wrapping salt & pepper shakers

Wrapping an hourglass shape

Wrapping a pot plant

Wrapping a circular box

Wrapping a water jug

Wrapping a small box

Wrapping a box

Wrapping a Photo Frame

Wine Bottle wrap

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