Our Story

Our Story

I’ve always found gift wrapping to be very rewarding. In fact, I was my family’s designated gift wrapper each year when it came to the festive season and even as a child I wrapped with colourful fabrics, simply because I thought it was beautiful. The act of giving is such a powerful way of communicating our love, gratitude or appreciation for a person, so I've always felt that the presentation of the gift is very important.

Being of Indian origin, I grew up surrounded by luxurious textiles and was always fascinated by the immense array of colours, fabrics and designs I would find during visits to India. It was when I was living in Vietnam that I saw people primarily wrapping gifts in cellophane film, causing a lot of waste and harming the environment. Realising there had to be a better way, I thought back to the way I wrapped gifts as achild. Back then, I had been acting sustainably without compromising on beauty or affordability - why not offer this to a wider audience? 

In 2019, we launched FabRap, and I was so excited by the response. Despite the pandemic, our sales continued to grow, and it was so encouraging to see not only that people were open to fully sustainable products, but that they are as excited as we are about them. We began to be recognised by significant media outlets, even being featured in the commemorative album for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2022. It's so encouraging to see that people are realising that sustainability does not have to cancel out chic.

The company, and our products, are a manifestation of my passion for textiles and gift-wrapping, with a focus on sustainability at our core. We’re so proud to say that our products are not only high-quality, but 100% organic and made under fair labour conditions in India.

Sustainability can co-exist with convenience and affordability, and I truly believe that, one wrap at a time, we can change the way we give.’

Hema Kumar - Founder & CEO

We plant 1 tree for every order made with the help of C-Free, our certified Tree Planting Partner!

1 Order = 1 Tree

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