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Gift Voucher

Gift Voucher

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Category: All Styles Babies & Children Birthdays & Anniversaries Christmas Double Sided - Reversible FabRaps Single Sided FabRaps - Furoshiki

FabRap furoshiki make a great gift for that special someone who is sustainably minded and looking for ways to reduce their waste.  Especially since there are so many other uses for this versatile product.  With its reusable nature and beautiful fabric, Furoshiki transforms the act of giving into a thoughtful and environmentally friendly gesture that keeps on giving. Problem is, it can be difficult to decide which styles to buy!  With so many styles and size options to choose from, why not leave the guesswork out of it and give your recipient a gift card instead?  


Once you've chosen your gift card value, and made your purchase.  We will contact you with your exclusive code, and a printable gift voucher to give as your gift.  Follow the steps below:

1) Make your purchase choosing the most convenient gift voucher value for you

2) Wait for our email confirming your order

3) FabRap sends you another email with your gift voucher code plus an easily printable voucher for you to pass on to your recipient

4) And you're done!

The gift vouchers are valid for one year, and can be used for any item on our store.

Happy FabRapping!

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