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Furoshiki Reusable Gift Wrapping - 9 piece set for Babies & Children

Furoshiki Reusable Gift Wrapping - 9 piece set for Babies & Children

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This set includes 3 pieces each of Sky Elephants, Blush Whales and Art Deco to create the perfect set for our discerning young customers.  The three pieces come in Small (35x35cm), Medium (55x55cm and Large (75x75cm). The prints are fun yet sophisticated, and loved by all ages!

Sky Elephants - a pale sky blue background with delicate silver paisley elephants

Blush Whales - a blush pink background with intricate silver paisley whales

Art Deco - A sophisticated art deco inspired print with hues of sky blue, blush whales, teal and beige.

Fabric gift wrapping is super easy for young fingers - much easier than sellotape and scissors.  The set makes a great gift for a growing family, and also for anyone who has numerous birthday parties to attend throughout the year.  

Wrapping with fabric saves waste, time and hassle out of organising for events so that you can focus on what's important!


Click here to view our comprehensive size guide

Click here to view videos on How to FabRap


Some simple rules of thumb to keep in mind when choosing the correct size:

- Choose a size with a diagonal length 3 times the longest length of the object you will be wrapping. So for example, if your item is 25cm on its longest side, choose the size Medium (55 x 55cm square, with a diagonal length of 78cm). See our size chart below.

- Keep in mind fabric gift wrapping or Furoshiki embraces a creative and fluid process and there are no set rules to follow.

- Every wrap style and sizing requirement varies a little.

- Usually, a little more room to wrap with is better than not enough.

- Remember because you’re using fabric, you can tie tight knots without tearing or damaging the gift or the FabRap!


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