Change the Way We Give: Our Mission

Change the Way We Give: Our Mission

On December 14, 2022 the United Nations General Assembly officially proclaimed March 30 as the International Day of Zero Waste. Fostering Zero Waste initiatives can be an important tool in reducing pollution and waste, protecting our planet and combating the climate crisis.
In honour of the first International Day of Zero Waste, we want this month’s blog post to be all about our mission and our efforts as a brand to protect our planet’s resources all while working towards becoming a zero waste brand.

Our Products and Materials 

The company, and our products, are a manifestation of my passion for textiles and gift-wrapping, with a focus on sustainability at our core. - Hema Kumar, Founder and CEO of FabRap 

Ever since FabRap's launch in 2019, translating sustainable and ethical values into the brand's products has been our first priority. Produced under fair labour conditions in India, our furoshiki follow the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) which is the leading standard for organic textiles worldwide. The GOTS requirements are applied and maintained all along the supply chain, making sure the products are environmentally and socially responsible, protecting garment workers and their human rights as well as our planet's natural resources.

Made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, our products are made to last a lifetime and can replace countless pieces of conventional wrapping paper. To ensure that our fabric gift wrapping can be reused for decades to come, durability, ease of use and timeless designs have been important factors to creating the perfect product. 


Our Mission

Here at FabRap, we love the tradition of giving - but we love our planet just as much! Each year, millions of tonnes of wrapping paper are disposed of after one single use. We believe that we can do better. 


Sustainability can co-exist with convenience and affordability, and I truly believe that, one wrap at a time, we can change the way we give. - Hema Kumar, Founder and CEO of FabRap

Our mission is simple: we want to change the way we give by giving back to our planet and the people living on it. FabRap aims to encourage sustainable practices in everyday life, from our own offices to our suppliers and customers. While making sure that our products are responsibly and ethically made, we are also practicing sustainability by keeping our offices paperless in order to create as little waste as possible.

In addition to that, we have been working with our certified partner C-Free since November 2021 to plant one tree with each order made. With your help, we are planting native tree species in Madagascar, Kenya, Nepal, and Indonesia: giving back to our planet, one tree at a time!

While we give back to our planet, we also want to give back to people. We are making sure the villagers planting our trees are guaranteed income, even when they cannot work due to extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, we want to give back to the textile workers making our products. By following GOTS guidelines every step of the way, we are ensuring that textile workers are paid a living wage, while working under ethical, fair conditions.

Change the Way We Give

With your help, we are changing the way we give one wrap at a time. We hope this blog post could give you an idea of what we do to actively give back to our planet and the people by fostering sustainable practices in our everyday lives and our business.

As you can see, the choices you make when buying certain products can make a huge impact for the planet and the workers who make them. While our slogan obviously refers to gift wrapping, it also emphasises the importance of everyday sustainability in all areas of life. Sustainability automatically means giving back to our planet, no matter how big or small the effort. 


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