Is It Weird to Ask for My Gift Wrap Back? Tackling Sustainable Gifting

Is It Weird to Ask for My Gift Wrap Back? Tackling Sustainable Gifting

In our culture and society, it is quite normal to receive a gift, rip the paper, thank the gift-giver for their thoughtful gift, and then dispose of the wrapping paper and ribbons without a second thought. Although most people are excited about the idea of wrapping with fabrics and love to embrace the creativity of it, there is one key concern: is it weird if I ask the recipient to give me my gift wrap back afterwards?

Furoshiki can be quite easily made yourself. But what if you buy a really stunning furoshiki that you love and want to reuse? Perhaps it was made sustainably and was a bit more costly, and you'd prefer to hold onto it to reuse again for another gift. 

When you consider it, recipients might opt to hold onto the wrapping paper you provide, reusing it for another gift, or they might simply dispose of it right away. So, what's the harm in requesting the wrapping paper back?

In today's world, it's important that we find new solutions to our problems. Waste around the holidays can drastically be reduced by switching to reusable gift wrap. When you're wrapping with furoshiki, there are two things you can do: you can either make the furoshiki a part of your gift and encourage the recipient to reuse it for their own gifts or other purposes. Or you can also decide to ask for it back.

Opting for the latter might feel a bit awkward since it's not exactly a universally adopted custom to ask for wrapping paper back. However, it's time to introduce a paradigm shift! Most people will see you as a savvy individual who's committed to minimising waste and preserving beauty. While you're at it, why not share the rationale behind your wrapping paper reclamation initiative? Introduce them to the ancient art of furoshiki and how it serves as an effective tool for waste reduction during the holidays. Many individuals may not be familiar with furoshiki, so perhaps you'll ignite a new wave of wrapping practices! Delve into the diverse array of textures, motifs, and patterns; enlighten them with anecdotes about furoshiki's cultural heritage and significance. Rest assured, they'll be more impressed than perplexed!

To make this a bit easier for you however, each of our FabRaps includes a set of cards that does the work for you! One card states that the furoshiki is theirs to reuse, while the other politely requests them to return the furoshiki to you for future use. Just slip the appropriate card in with your gift when you're wrapping, and let the card do the talking for you. This way, you can rest assured that your recipient will know precisely what to do with your furoshiki. Let's embrace the unconventional and make it the norm, protecting the planet one gift at a time.

Happy FabRapping!

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