10 Great Reasons to Give Furoshiki for Corporate Gifts

10 Great Reasons to Give Furoshiki for Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifting is a great way to create a sense of connection between giver and recipient and most importantly, it creates positive associations with a person or a brand for both employees and clients. 

Offering furoshiki as corporate gifts to clients or employees can bring several benefits to companies. Here are some of the advantages:

1. Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness:
Furoshiki align with sustainable and eco-friendly values. By gifting furoshiki, companies demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility, which can enhance their corporate image.

2. Unique and Thoughtful Gesture:
Furoshiki are distinctive and thoughtful gifts that go beyond traditional corporate gifts like pens or calendars. It shows that the company values creativity and cares about the recipient's well-being.

3. Versatility and Practicality:
Furoshiki are highly versatile and can be used for various purposes, from gift wrapping to fashion accessories or home decor. Recipients can enjoy their practicality in different aspects of life.

4. Customisation Opportunities:
Companies can personalise furoshiki by adding their logo, message, or custom design. This customisation reinforces brand identity and creates a memorable and unique gift that is made to last a lifetime.

5. Reusable and Long-Lasting:
Furoshiki are durable and reusable gifts. Recipients can use them repeatedly, which means the company's brand and message continue to be visible over an extended period. Furthermore, unlike typical corporate gifts such as pens or calendars, they can be used over and over again. 

6. Memorable Gift-Giving Experience:
Offering furoshiki enhances the overall gift-giving experience. It's not just about the gift inside but also the beautiful wrapping, leaving a lasting impression.

7. Promotion of Sustainable Practices:
Gifting furoshiki encourages sustainable practices among employees and clients. They may be inspired to reduce their waste and adopt eco-friendly habits.

8. Positive Employee Engagement:
When given to employees, furoshiki can boost morale and engagement. It demonstrates the company's appreciation and can foster a positive work environment.

9. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):
Incorporating eco-friendly gifts like furoshiki into corporate gifting programs supports a company's CSR initiatives, reinforcing its commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

10. Enhanced Brand Loyalty:
Clients who receive furoshiki as corporate gifts may develop a stronger sense of brand loyalty. They associate the brand with values like sustainability and thoughtfulness.

All in all, incorporating furoshiki into corporate gifting strategies allows companies to make a meaningful and sustainable impact while fostering stronger relationships with clients and employees. It's a unique and thoughtful gesture that can set a company apart in a competitive business landscape.

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